Morning Yoga - New: Theme Classes | All Levels

Awakening strength - starting the day in a relaxed way

Starting the day with asanas means starting the day with cultivating awareness of body, breath and mind. Knowing that you have taken extra time for yourself promotes a positive basic feeling and lets us start the day strengthened. The classes are also suitable for beginners.

The last time has demanded a lot from all of us and many physical and psychological problems have arisen. Therefore, the morning classes are now dedicated to a specific topic.

June 2021

Tuesdays, 8-9am: Yoga for hips & knees.
Thursdays, 8-9 am.: Yoga inverted poses | Everything about Handstand, headstand, shoulder- and forearm-balance.


Max. 15 Students | Single: 13 Euros | 10er card: 120 Euros