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I started yoga at the Yogazentrum Akazienhof with Renate Ockel, whose lifelong enthusiasm, curiosity and profound joy for the subject motivates and influences me to this day. Since 2018 I have been a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher, trained at the Iyengar Yoga Institute Berlin, actively supported by my mentors Katrin Voigt and Elizabeth Brass, founders of the Iyengar Yoga Centre in Berlin-Schöneberg. For the last two years I have been learning in addition with Uday Bhosale und Jayne Orton.


I live between Berlin, Bernried am Starnbergersee and Valais, Switzerland, where I offer yoga classes as well as private lessons for children, teenagers and adults.

Whether with or without previous experience, all are very welcome in my classes. I teach in German and English.




Yoga- Expertise:

Pregnancy & Yoga

Yoga for shoulder and neck pain

Yoga therapy in general

This is what my yoga students say about me

"I have been practicing regularly online with Claudia in the bilingual class since October 2020. Claudia's lessons are pleasantly demanding and powerful, dynamic and very motivating. I particularly like the fact that her teaching style encourages me to try things out, because I am always well guided and  she makes me feel confidently encouraged. "



Human Resource, Bad Driburg

"I can highly recommend Claudia's wonderful yoga classes. She has an amazing professional, pleasant and structured teaching method. Every yoga class is different and a holistic practice in itself. Claudia is a very inspiring teacher with her authenticity and positive energy. Thank you, Claudia!"




"My perfect yoga!

Sophisticated, competent classes, which Claudia always teaches with the necessary rigour and humour. And even as an online-live class, I always get individual, appropriate posture corrections so as not to let slackness set in. Thank you for that."


education expert, Berlin, Germany

"I have been learning Iyengar Yoga with Claudia since I was 7 years old and I really enjoy it because you learn a lot of new things, Claudia is very nice and you feel happier and more relaxed after her classes. Claudia explains the exercises very well and helps you learn them. My favourite asana is the bridge pose, urdhva dhanurasana.


12 years, Berlin, Germany

Both as a total beginner with zero practical experience a year ago, and now with the more advanced exercises, I always feel well looked after and personally cared for in Claudia's yoga classes. As a teacher, Claudia is very professionally structured and at the same time very warm and welcoming.
Well-chosen and coordinated asanas - perfect for the well-being of our bodies and souls. Please keep it up!

Many thanks for this!

Chef, Munich, Germany

"Claudia is my favorite yoga teacher for three reasons.

1. Claudia makes each class unique, challenging, and interesting: The most difficult poses are worked up to in a systematic way such that by the end of the session I feel a sense of accomplishment. She adds interest to even the most common poses with the help of physical variations, exploring different sensations in the body.


2.Knowledge: Claudia is thoroughly versed in both the physical side of yoga  (asanas) as well as the philosophical side (yamas, niyamas, yoga sutras). Fluent in several languages including English, German, and French, Claudia makes Iyengar yoga accessible to people around the world over the internet.


3. Attitude: Claudia brings joy, enthusiasm, and compassion to every class. Her warmth comes through even over the internet on Zoom. I am blessed to be able to practice with my favorite teacher who is half way around the world."



San Diego, California

"Yoga was a discovery for me. And Claudia too. She guides us through the program with a calm, clear voice so that you feel motivated to persevere even when you push your limits. At the same time, you feel as an individual as Claudia corrects mistakes and takes into account the small physical impairments that everyone has. Her class is demanding, varied and always fun. Afterwards you know what you've done! This also applies to the online classes, which fortunately I tried out at some point.

After one and a half years of yoga practice, I don't want to miss out on Claudia's classes."



Translator, Berlin

"Claudia is an empathetic teacher! She exudes joy and pleasure in teaching and with her ease, down-to-earthness and her sense of humor, she manages to keep me motivated all the time.

Your announcements, language and description of the exercises are so perfect that I rarely look at the screen via zoom in the online classes. Claudia deals with handicaps that were communicated to her before the lesson and offers substitute exercises. I feel that I am really being seen and improved, and that motivates me! Even online via zoom. "



Commercial clerk, Frankfurt a. M.

"Claudia did not make me a yogi - that would've been almost impossible, haha! She "only" kept my body healthy and my mind at ease during the COVID epidemic - which is quite a result in itself.


Community organizer, Berlin - Germany


"I love Claudia's lessons because she's precise and detailed and at the same time shows her passion for yoga and empathy for her students. Every lesson has a purpose and every pose gets properly explained: we know what we are doing and why, great!."




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