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The Mountain Yoga Project

»Yoga for me is connecting the beauty of the world around us with the beauty of the universe inside us.«

Claudia Lamas C.

My brothers and I grew up spending long summers in the Swiss mountains, a region called Le Valais. Taking us on long walks and hikes our grandfather used to explain to us the wonders of nature in this particular area of the Alpes. Our grandfather loved the mountains and he loved to practice his headstand, sirsasana, whenever he found a spot big enough to ground his forarms and head.

»In Sirsasana/headstand, the world looks like a much more gentle place to me«,

our grandfather used to say.

Now, that we return to the mountains as adults from time to time, we see the effects of climate change around us. The glaciers of our childhood like the Cheilon Glacier had an area of 4.56 km² in 1973, in 1995 its area was reduced to 4,07 km².

Ever since I started yoga practice, my youngest brother, a trained photographer, wished to combine the beauty of the Alpes's nature and the beauty of yoga asanas. That is how we started this project. The Mountain Yoga Project is dedicate to all activities against climate change and protection of the environment. It's aim is to help raising awarness of what is valuable and worth protecting for our generation and the generations to come.

There is no Planet B.

Photography by Lito Lamas:


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