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Yoga helps Depression

Iyengar Yoga is considered to be a safe practice for people of all levels, providing benefits for both physical and mental health. Now, a new study from Boston University finds that taking yoga classes twice a week may help ease depression, thanks in part to deep breathing. (Published on TIME).

Elizabeth Brass, Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher based in Berlin, will offer a workshop on Yoga & Depression on this Sunday, February 24. We had the opportunity to meet her during preparations and to speak with her about her approach in this subject.

claudiyengar: Liz, who is the workshop aimed at? Who can participate?

Elizabeth Brass: The workshop is aimed at anyone who has been practicing Iyengar yoga regularly for a minimum of 6 months and has an interest on how to develop a yoga practice that supports the mind and the heart as well as the body.

claudiyengar: Why particulary Iyengar Yoga against Depression?

EB: Iyengar Yoga offers sequences and variations of traditional asanas that can be targeted to address individual needs. Depression varies in its roots and expressions and Iyengar Yoga gives us tools to understand ourselves better and how to safely practice for the whole self.

claudiyengar: Would you share one Asana with us, that you will work with in the workshop and why that one?

EB: Unfortunately, there is no magic asana like there is no magic pill (laughs)! We will look at different families of poses, i.e. standings, forward bends, backbends, and explore their effects. We also explore how sequencing and variations of poses are important when practicing to improve one's outlook and well-being.

claudiyengar: Thank you very much for the interview and have a great workshop!

Elizabeth Brass: Thank you.


For further information on the upcoming workshop,

please e-mail Elizabeth Brass @

with Elizabeth Brass

Sunday, 24.2.2019 | 1–4 pm

Iyengar Yoga Zentrum Berlin




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